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Jul-15-09, 06:04 AM (PDT)
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"parabolic tendon profile against ha"

can you give some insights on this topic. please... thanx

what are the advantages of using a harped tendon profile rather than a parabolic tendon profile in the design of prestress concrete for bridges? what are the parameters that need to check and consider in designing this kind of tendon? what will be the effect if the fabricated tendon profile used was harped instead of parabolic if the intended design should be draped or parabolic?

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Jul-16-09, 11:57 AM (PDT)
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1. "RE: parabolic tendon profile agains"
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   A parabolic strand shape is most efficient because it can apply a prestressing force distribution to exactly counteract stress distributions due to typical bridge forces. Parabolic profiles are typically used in post-tensioned members because it is relatively easy to create a parabolic hollow duct and push strands through the duct after the beam is cured.

Harped tendons are typically used in pre-tensioned configurations because a discrete strand hold-down point is much easier to fabricate (stands are placed before concrete is poured). I've seen some designs that use multiple hold down locations to approximate a parabola, but this is labor intensive and problematic because of friction concerns. Also, not all casting beds are equipped with hold down points.

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